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The Australian Alumni Network was created to address a simple truth: while many of us built strong networks in university, transitioning to adulthood often means losing touch. Life post-uni just isn’t the same. Our goal is to rekindle those connections. We aim to create a vibrant community for Aussie alumni, wherever they might be. Whether you’re overseas seeking a familiar face from Australia, or back home wanting to reconnect, our network bridges the gap. The bonds formed over shared Australian experiences are invaluable. We’re more than just a network. We’re also a platform for positive change, hosting events that benefit both our communities and the planet. So, come along. Let’s rekindle that Aussie spirit and make waves together.


Strengthen alumni connections across the region via our exciting events.


Engage alumni in sustainability initiatives that benefit the people and planet.


Honouring our alumni family’s outstanding achivements and celebrating as one.

Featured Events

Visit to an Orang Asli village in collaboration with the Global Peace Foundation Malaysia

During a weekend volunteering session with the Orang Asli communities of Kg Bukit Biru and Kg Binjai, we were able to learn more about the barriers to the access of electricity, water, and sanitation. We were able to witness their way of life and how often we take our own comforts for granted. One standout story was of a mother who travels to another village just to charge her phone, so she can keep track of time to send her children to school. She also uses a torchlight to help her children complete their home work when the sun goes down. Despite these challenges, the community finds comfort in their ancestral land and identity. This prompts the question to our alumni: “How can we help in a meaningful way?”

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